Hosting & Maintenance

In order to effectively manage, monitor, and guarantee uptime, Seven to Win will host your website. Your monthly hosting and maintenance fee includes a variety of services, including:

  • Website Hosting

    We host our websites on state-of-the-art server hardware and software, utilizing a redundant network to ensure no single point of failure and 99.9999% server uptime. We'll resolve any rare downtime or server issues that arise.

  • Website Maintenance

    Need your site updated? Our hosting plan includes up to one hour of maintenance per month for updates. Major updates or custom programming that requires more time to perform will be billed separately on an hourly basis.

  • Email Hosting

    We'll set up and host email accounts using your domain name that can be accessed using a web browser, your mobile phone, or a 3rd party email client. You can opt out of this service if you already have your email set up with another provider.

  • Domain Name Registration

    If you don't have a domain for your website already, we can help you choose one, and we'll purchase and manage the domain for you.

  • SSL Certificate

    We will install an SSL certificate which protects your data and lets visitors know they're browsing securely. Additionally, search engines prefer to serve secure websites, so having an SSL certificate can boost your search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Nightly Backups

    To protect against data loss, your website files and database will be backed up nightly. In the event that something gets deleted by mistake, your data can be recovered.