Standard Features

All Seven to Win websites come with the following standard service and design features:

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Our websites have search engine optimization built-in so potential clients to find you. Unlike some web design companies, we don't charge extra for SEO.

  • Responsive Design

    Our responsive websites resize and realign themselves to look good on all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and large monitors.

  • Click-to-Call Button

    On mobile devices, a click to call or click to text button will always be visible so potential customers can easily contact you at the push of a button.

  • Contact Form

    The contact form makes it easy for visitors to request your services or request a price quote without having to open their email client.

  • Social Media Integration

    Include links to your social media profiles to increase your overall online presence which can influence search engines.

  • Animation Effects

    Our websites include eye-catching animation and transition effects to improve user experience and make your content more engaging to visitors.

  • Stock Imagery

    We build your site using high quality stock images to give your website a more professional, polished look.

  • Email Setup

    Email accounts can be set up on your domain and accessed using a web browser, your phone, or using 3rd party software such as Outlook.

  • Accessibility

    We follow accessibility best practices when building our sites so all viewers, including those with disabilities, can access your content.